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“Welcome Home!” You’ll hear us say that often at City Point. Church was meant to be a family. Families aren’t perfect, but they do love one another, encourage each other, and grow together. So we invite you to come and make yourself at home. Maybe you need a rest. Maybe you want to serve. Maybe you just need to know you are loved. Where ever you are, you are welcome to come home.


Sundays at 10:00am
Worship Center.


We are located at 6474 Central Ave
Portage, Indiana


Our Mission and Passion is to see people come to Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Their Purpose, and Make A Difference.

What is the POINT?

Portage needs more than just a CHURCH going people, but needs a people who live out what it means to BE the CHURCH. We are more about getting the Church to people than getting people to the Church! We are not looking for a religious ritual, but a relational encounter with the LIVING LORD!


Who is the POINT?

A Christ centered people, marked by His love, driven by His presence, and transformed by His grace, empowered to reshape our culture and take this City for God!


We love families! Families come in all shapes and sizes and we strive to meet the needs of the entire family. From City Babies to Seniors, from Millenials to Married with Children, we are here for you! Our City Babies, City Kids & Prime Youth staff have prepared age-appropriate, fun-filled services for your children during our Sunday Morning Experience.


We welcome all to come and experience God during our Sunday Morning Worship Experience. We believe church should be enjoyable for the entire family. We believe church should be a place where people experience God’s presence. We believe church should be a place where people learn how the Bible applies to their daily lives. We believe church should be a place where people can accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and continue growing in obedience to Him.

We are the Church. Real ministry happens when the church leaves the building and loves the city.